Learn to Rest in the Midst of the Struggle

homeschooling motherhood Nov 23, 2020

Homeschooling can be hard on the most adjusted families.  Challenges, such as chronic illness, can take it to a completely different level. 

Listen in as I chat with Aimee Smith about her journey in homeschooling and how that beautiful journey led her to find rest. 

The chat begins with Aimee sharing the hopes and dreams of new homeschoolers often employ and then dives deep into the guilt she felt of not doing enough, asking for too much help and the self-judgment that comes with all of those emotions. 

We discuss her path to diagnosis and what that did for her homeschooled family, as well as for her.  Aimee was led to find rest in a season of her life and now shares that message with the world at aimeesmith.com.