Squilt? Mary Prather tells us about her Homeschool Journey

homeschooling music education Feb 08, 2021
Listening to music when young is natural and so beneficial.

Mary Prather is a veteran homeschooler who is supporting other homeschoolers on their journey in several ways.  She also runs a blog called Homegrown Learners where she writes in support of all the milestones that come with homeschooling.  You will find encouragement and ideas there from someone who has almost finished the journey.

This week you get to learn about an amazing music appreciation program called Squilt Music.  Founded by Mary, it helps children to learn about all types of music and the history behind it.  Gabi and Mary talk about her homeschool journey and what led her to start Squilt Music.  Listen in as they explore how music is seen in the mainstream and also by homeschoolers everywhere.


You can find Mary on Instagram @squiltmusic and @homegrown_learners and also at her websites for Squilt Music and Homegrown Learners.