Music Education and Homeschool: 2 perspectives with Amber and Ann Marie Semerau

homeschooling music music education Nov 30, 2020

What a treat it was to speak with mother and daughter, Amber and Ann Marie Semerau!  Ann Marie (daughter) is a pianist and composer and as a homeschooling momma, Amber supported and encouraged her all the way through her endeavors. 

Amber talks about why they chose not to give Ann Marie formal music education from the very beginning.  Ann Marie shares a bit about her music and her homeschool experience and how being given the time to dabble and play with her passion opened numerous doors for her. 

Listen in and get some perspective on how the beauty of homeschooling can support and encourage your child in their musical pursuits.  It's always fun to see the result at the end of a journey!

Ann Marie has two albums, The Forgotten Quest and My Heart that can be found on Spotify, iTunes and anywhere you buy music digitally.  She can be found on Instagram. Amber Semerau has a podcast called Homeschool Success Stories that can be found wherever you listen to your podcast shows!