Growing While Homeschooling: A Chat with Colleen Kessler

homeschooling motherhood Feb 23, 2021

Colleen Kessler is a homeschooling mom and author.  In today’s episode, Gabi and Colleen discuss her most recent book, Raising Resilient Sons. They touch on the challenges of parenting while also educating our children and the emotional toll it can take.  Colleen stresses the importance of giving ourselves grace and forgiveness for our mistakes and communicating those things to our children.  She discusses the importance of intentional connection with each child and your spouse as well as group connection each day.  

You can find Colleen on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest @colleenkessler and Facebook @raisinglifelonglearners or her website.  She is currently selling her book Raising Resilient Sons, wherever you can buy books, and encourages you to find a local bookstore to buy it!  She also has a Membership where you can find support for your unique children.