Early music education: Jocelyn Manzanarez’s view

music music education Dec 14, 2020

You are in for a treat today! I'm speaking with music teacher Jocelyn Manzanarez in today’s episode. 

Jocelyn and I are very like-minded when it comes to introducing music to our little ones as well as our support of the recognized benefits of music learning!  Jocelyn owns and operates Musically Minded and until 2020, took her amazing skill and talent to child care centers, teaching music to the little ones in their care.  She began her career as an elementary music teacher, but quickly discovered that it wasn't the best fit. She wanted to expand music learning to a greater population--she set out on a journey to do just that!


2020 rocked her world, as much as it did everyone else’s and she switched gears to provide virtual classes.  These classes not only provide music learning for students, but also help parents and teachers to learn and recognize the many benefits of music education.  The research is there.  Music helps build a better brain. Jocelyn is set to show the world just how well it does that.  


You can find Jocelyn at her Facebook Page, her Youtube channel, her website, Instagram and if you're interested in support, her Facebook Group: Circle Time Success.