A Momma Music Teacher: Talking with Carly Walton

music music education Nov 02, 2020

Can you be a mother, a musician and a music educator all at the same time?  Of course you can! 

Listen as I chat with my sweet friend, Carly Walton, who has a thriving course and music membership that teaches and supports music teachers in expanding their instruction in the online space.  

Teaching online isn’t always the option that private music teachers prefer, but the world is changing, isn’t it?  When COVID hit, Carly’s membership community exploded, as music teachers all over the world had to move their studios online.  My friend Carly was there to save the day! 😁

Listen to this quick chat where Carly shares a bit about how music learning has played a role in her life.  She gives actionable advice for new beginning families on their music journey and discusses why building a relationship with a music teacher is a pivotal piece to success in the music learning process.

You can find Carly at Teach Music Online and her Facebook group Teach Music Online.