How do We Acknowledge Bullying in our Community & Tech? Part 2 of 'Bullying and Homeschooling' with Candace Dugger

homeschooling motherhood Nov 16, 2020

I am so thankful to be able to continue my conversation with Candace Dugger about the realities of bullying in our homeschooling communities.  Candace is an expert in addressing bullying and teaches educators and parents how to address this behavior--not only as the victim, but also as the perpetrator. 

Bullying is multifaceted and it has evolved onto our technology platforms in video games and social media.  Learning the new language of bullying and how it is affecting us and our children is essential in order to build safeguards--Candace helps us to learn.

In this episode, Candice addresses her resources and recommends watching the documentaries such as Bully and The Social Dilemma.  She works with Paul Coughlin, author of Free Us from Bullying: Real Solutions Beyond Being Nice to increase knowledge and exposure of what bullying is and how we can recognize and address it. 

Candace also has many courses coming up that she talks about in the episode and you can find more information at Bullied Broken Redeemed.