Bullying and Homeschooling? A talk with Candice Duggar

homeschooling motherhood Oct 26, 2020

Bullying.  It is a hard subject to broach.  It causes pain internally that is seemingly not understood.  It is a private pain that lingers in the dark shadows of our mind.  It can change who a person is before they can stop it.

In today’s episode, I am speaking with Candace Dugger, a nationally recognized anti-bullying expert.  She helps us learn how people can heal from those traumas and also how to recognize bullying.

Candice also gives us a bit of direction on how we can help within our communities.

Our guest has built a beautiful program that teaches parents and leaders that work with children to not only recognize bullying behavior, but also how to help bullied victims reclaim their lives.  She and her team organize events using interactive activities and projects to help your group become effective anti-bullying warriors.

Find Bullied Broken Redeemed at www.bulliedbrokenredeemed.com to find resources.

Products to help can be found on Amazon.

Their Facebook Group can be found here.