A Legal Chat with Bradley Pierce

homeschooling Oct 12, 2020
Today’s episode is something that I think all homeschooling families should have a listen to.  You know, the world seems like a different place than it was just a few months ago, doesn’t it?  I wanted to talk about some of the issues that are kind of percolating in the atmosphere and environment right now and more specifically, talk about how they’re affecting homeschoolers in particular.  My guest today has quite a bit to share on that front and I think that if I could have spent a few more hours talking to him I probably would have bombarded him with tons of questions—it was just so great to talk to him and have him on the show and I so appreciated his time.
Today I’m talking with Bradley Pierce, a homeschooled and homeschooling father that also happens to be an attorney.  One of the reasons that I wanted to have him in particular on the show is that he contends for homeschooling families in the area of parental rights and medical freedom.  In this conversation, we touch on a few of those current issue topics and how they affect us as homeschoolers.  Bradley also gives us some actionable tips that every homeschooling family can take advantage of today.  I’m incredibly grateful for the work he does on behalf of homeschooling families on a daily basis.  Have a listen to our chat!