Gabi Haberer

I take beginning music students and give them the tools to become lifelong musicians through the study and exploration of music in a creative and holistic way.


I'm Gabi

and I’m a Momma, just like you, 

with a crazy schedule 

and a pile of laundry in the corner of the room to prove it…

I’m devoted to my beautiful family and have big dreams of watching my son grow up and become the person he was meant to be.  

I’m a creative introvert and a homebody who wants to love better and stay true to the things that really matter.

Just like you, I often stay awake at night and worry about the decisions I make and how they impact my son.  

Just like you, I want my child to have rich and fulfilling experiences that he will carry with him through life and that will propel him to make authentic choices in the future.  

Just like you,

I want to give him tools and resources to enrich his life.  


I got here

I left a background of musical training to become an elementary principal (the youngest in Texas at the time) and spent a career prior to that as a bilingual teacher and district curriculum specialist.  

I’ve been in the trenches, in one of the most overworked and under-appreciated industries in the country.

While I loved my work, it didn’t always permit me to be the creative that I really am at heart.  

I left public education at the height of my career.  I decided I wanted to provide a child

—any child—

with the keys to ignite his or her own creativity and 

I wanted to teach them how to use music 

to unlock that door.


I do it

I get to inspire daily

I get to leave the door open for exploration

I get to lay the framework of the music house

and then hand over the blueprint (and the paint brush)

so a child can create what they wish

Ready to join me?

Want to give your child the key 

to a door of musical exploration?  

Are you ready to give your child the gift of music, through a creative and holistic lens?  

My aim is to grow a love of music in your child in a uniquely tailored way–one that allows your child to be their own musician in their own right. 

I can’t wait to have you join us!

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Fun Facts

about me

I LOVE loose, potato-sack linen dresses (did I mention I LOVE hats too?)

Find me a campground and I’m happy!  One of my favorite places is behind the wheel of our RV (because it means I’m headed somewhere)!

I get a bit googly-eyed when I see Robert Redford!

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