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The science is there: music education provides numerous advantages and lifetime benefits. Why not give your child this amazing gift, right from the convenience of your home? 

New, beginning piano students begin here!


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We’re homeschoolers.

We all want what’s best for our children.

With all of the options and offerings available to us as homeschoolers, why not choose the one activity that has scientifically-proven neurological benefits and will ultimately last a lifetime?

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Resources to help you & your growing musician

Finger Taps Activity

Help young students recognize and match finger numbers while encouraging those little fingers to kinesthetically associate finger numbers.

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Struggling with Practice?

We all want our children to have a consistent and productive practice time. Take your cues from these easy tips that will support your growing musician.

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New to Homeschooling?

With current events, many families have made the decision to adopt the homeschool lifestyle. Don’t know where to begin? Be encouraged with this episode!

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What people are saying

Kerrie Legend - Pianist & professional blogger, national piano guild diploma recipient

"Music was a huge part of my growing years. I started lessons at the age of five, and had the opportunity to develop my skills into college. Although I didn’t pursue music professionally, receiving lessons from qualified instructors and at home with my parents’ involvement led to successes in other aspects of my life. The profound lessons I gained in life involved discipline, accepting challenges and learning to evolve from both defeats in music competitions as well as gratitude for triumphs. Lessons last a lifetime, even if a child doesn’t pursue music as a career choice. And those lessons carry through in other parts of a child’s life, helping them become better humans."

Dr. Kerry McGuire - Violinist and Space Systems Engineer

"Learning a musical instrument taught me patience, persistence, how to find a learning style that works and how to break a complex problem into achievable parts. I have used this foundation throughout my life. It has given me the tools I used to obtain a PhD and enables me to be a successful engineer."

Gabi Haberer, M.Ed.

Homeschooling Momma and Music Educator

Former public school principal turned homeschooling momma, Gabi Haberer has been an educator for over 20 years. A classically-trained musician and music educator, she believes that every child should have access to holistic music instruction and frequently speaks at conferences on the many benefits of music education for young children. Her interest in the field of neuroscientific research and music education has had an impact on both purpose and pedagogy in her music studio.

Gabi has a weekly podcast titled, The Homeschool Music Collective Podcast where she shares research on the effects of music on the development of children as well as the ins and outs of homeschooling and motherhood.


Podcast Episodes

A Living Education, with Cindy Rollins

Today I had the great privilege of talking with the amazing Cindy Rollins, veteran homeschooling momma, whose work and impact extends far beyond the walls of her own home. 

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Music with S.D. Smith

Chatting with me is S.D. Smith, author of the Green Ember series. Listen as we talk about what role music plays in his life and in his home.

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Music as Life with Gena Mayo

Listen as I chat with Gena Mayo, a veteran homeschool mom of 8 and also a music educator for over 25 years.

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What to Know Before You Begin

Practical Advice from Veteran Homeschool Families

Unsure of how to begin your music journey?  Listen to practical, easy-to-implement advice from homeschooling families that value music education in their homes.